Council Chambers of City Hall
1100 Patricia Boulevard, Prince George, BC


    That the agenda for the regular meeting of Council scheduled for July 13, 2020, be amended to add correspondence as agenda item F.6, and that the agenda, BE ADOPTED AS AMENDED.


    That the attached minutes of the regular Council meeting held June 29, 2020, be adopted as read on this day and that such minutes as read set out all of the business before Council at that meeting and fully and properly record all of the resolutions and bylaws passed and adopted by Council at that meeting.


Applicant:  Dylan Gustafson for Gustafson's Automobile Co. Ltd.
Location:  1880 Bowser Avenue; 1912, 1924, 1936, 1942, 1948 Willow Street; and 1947 Vine Street


    That Council APPROVES an amendment to the public consultation process for proposed “City of Prince George Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 8383, 2011, Amendment Bylaw No. 9063, 2019,” by waiving the prerequisite for one Public Consultation Meeting, such that the public consultation process to fulfill the requirements of Section 475 of the Local Government Act consists of:

    1. Two Citywide Newspaper advertisements requesting written comments; and
    2. Request for written comment from properties identified on Exhibit “A” to CP100155.

Applicant:  Don and Sharon Engelsjord
Location:  9116 Lattman Road

Documents for Council's consideration regarding "Development Variance Permit No. VP100568" include:

  • Staff report dated June 22, 2020, from the General Manager of Planning and Development, titled "Development Variance Permit No. VP100568";
  • Location and Existing Zoning Map;
  • Development Variance Permit No. VP100568;
  • Exhibit "A" to VP100568; and
  • Letters of Support.

    That Council APPROVES Development Variance Permit No. VP100568 to vary City of Prince George Zoning Bylaw No. 7850, 2007 for the property legally described as Lot B, District Lot 1598, Cariboo District, Plan PGP43749 as follows:

    1. Vary Section 9.4.6 2. by increasing the maximum height of an accessory building from 6.0 m to 6.5 m, as shown on Exhibit “A” to VP100568.

Applicant:  Prime Site Solutions Inc. for Freedom Mobile
Location:   3778 Konrath Road


    That Council INSTRUCTS the Corporate Officer to advise Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada in writing that:

    1. Freedom Mobile has satisfactorily completed its consultation with the City of Prince George;

    2. The City of Prince George is satisfied with Freedom Mobile’s public consultation process and does not require any further consultation with the public; and

    3. The City of Prince George concurs with Freedom Mobile’s proposal to construct a wireless communications facility provided it is constructed substantially in accordance with the plans submitted to the City of Prince George for a 29.5 m tall monopole and ancillary equipment at 3778 Konrath Road (Lot 1, District Lot 1600, Cariboo District, Plan 9649, Except Plan 16431).

Applicant:  Mor-D Enterprises Ltd., Inc. No. 286761
Location:   5787 Albert Place


    That Council GRANTS FINAL READING AND ADOPTION to "City of Prince George Zoning Bylaw No. 7850, 2007, Amendment Bylaw No. 9114, 2020."

Submitted by Councillor Kyle Sampson for consideration at the July 27, 2020 regular Council meeting.


    That Council:

    1. DIRECTS Administration to explore the opportunity of growth and expansion of the Prince George RCMP Car 60 Program by engaging with the program’s partners, the RCMP and the Northern Health Authority in an effort to meet Councils strategic priorities of improving the safety and security, health, and quality of life of residents in the City of Prince George.
    2. DIRECTS Administration to bring back a report to Council outlining the recommendations and/or budget implications associated with the expansion of the program.
    3. DIRECTS the Intergovernmental Resolutions Committee to bring back appropriate correspondence/resolutions to Council that requests further aid from the Provincial and Federal levels of government towards supplying additional mental health support services that are supplemental to policing and public safety in our community.

    That there being no further business the Regular Meeting of Council, BE ADJOURNED.